How to spice up your sex life and make sex fun again as when you first met.

Sex life optimizing to perfection

Just after a few months relationship, the sex life, the sex drift and the habits of sex can start to boring. Some sex habits can be boring or even bad while some situations are just “WIUUUU” great.

Habits are the brain’s way of saving energy, really smart you might think, but also dangerous if the habits you have are destructive in the long run.
If we talk about fishing, cycling or sex, success is about practicing, But also about optimizing and to get rid of all the bad habits. “Habit” can be a very boring word, but DAMN it can also be the coolest word in the world if habits mean beautiful sex, sensual sex, cool sex and great orgasms on rest of your life.

The road to success, whether it’s in sex life or in business, includes the will to learn and try new things – to be innovative and curious. Be the naughty Doctor, be Tarzan, be a Fireman – just dont be Mr. and Mrs. Boring!

Try something new and dont be afraid to talk about sex, even it can be tabu. Open up to your girlfriend and ask what she likes about sex and her favorite erotic zones and positions.
Sometimes it can be difficult to know what she likes when you are having sex. It seems she like everything you are doing, but be sure – she has favorites.
If you want to buy a piece of jewelry for your girlfriend and buy a pair of silver earrings. After the shopping, you come home and give her the nice present to your girlfriend and she got happy. But she would be in ecstasy if the earrings were made of gold, but she dont tells you. In this case, you would prefer that she told you, that she likes gold more than silver, right?
The same goes for your sex life, 70% is OK or good but the last 30% is GREAT!
Find her 30% and be a happy man.

Sex life optimizing to perfection

Tie and blindfold her


Sex life optimizing to perfectionThis is a simple trick. Look in her wardrobe and try to find a silk scarf or two. Tie her hands together over her head. Not to tight. She must be able to move her hands and free herself. It’s the symbolism that’s important here, not the actually tiring. Then take the second piece of a silk scarf and let it touch her body all over, kiss her, play with her, give her oral sex. Give her the feeling that you set the agenda and that you are in charge.


Sex life optimizing to perfectionFind a silk scarf and gently tie it around her face so the eyes are covered. This is important because when you cover and minimize her visual abilities, something happens to the body’s other senses and in your brain. Other senses sharpen and improves and the body and mind come in an alert situation and everything becomes more sensual. In addition, the mind is spiced with a form of uncontrolled and uncertainty feeling – as what might happens next and the combination often turns wild!

Spice up your sex life with these funny sex games


Tonight sweetie, we play “Tell me what to do” – I decide the first round and then you decide the next. Do not cross any lines or do anything she is not comfortable with, but try to move beyond what you usually do. This game, allows your partner to open up and tell what she likes, without it becomes weird or tabu. Very often the pleasure of giving is stronger than receiving.
What can be more love confirming, than looking at your partner just has to lie and enjoy and receive? In such moments, the direction often goes a different way than usual.


Sex life optimizing to perfectionMost women have erogenous zones that are often overlooked, but you can actually turn her on quite simple. How do I do that? you might ask. If you combine touching her erogenous zones like earlobes while you tell her something sexual and romantic, she will definitely keep playing this game. Also, try to touch her erogenous earlobe zone while kissing her body and face and finally end up kissing her ear.
Other great erogenous zones are the buttocks and nipples and combining a roundtrip with the earlobes, you’re guaranteed success.

Sex life optimizing to perfection

Dont make your sex life boring – make it an adventure every time.
Good luck and please let me know how it went or you have other funny and erotic games to share.