Have you ever tried to create your own facial serum at home? try this simple and easy recipe

Make Facial Serum at Home

Facial Serum at Home Recipe

Have you ever tried to create your own facial serum at home? try this simple and easy recipe.
Everyone can make this great serum, that will make your skin look younger.
Another benefit of this recipe is the price. This Serum is also extremely cheap to produce.


Rosehip seed oil (or another carrier oil but rosehip seed oil is the best for the face, in my opinion)
5 drops Frankincense essential oil
5 drops Myrrh essential oil
5 drops Lavender essential oil (where to buy)
5 drops Aroma Life essential oil blend
2 drops Helichrysum essential oil (you could bump up Aroma Life to 4 drops and eliminate Helichrysum on its own)
1-2 drops Rose essential oil (you could also try Geranium — what I like to call the poor woman’s Rose)


In a 1oz bottle of rosehip seed oil, add the essential oils. Shake well.
This will be about a 2.5% dilution ratio this is considered a safe ratio for the face.
Use this Serum morning and night around the eyes, mouth or any other trouble areas you may have on your face.

Now that you’ve seen the easy recipe. Let’s talk about the ingredients.

Rosehip Seed Oil: This has a reddish-amber color and is thicker than many oils. Thicker than almond oil or avocado oil. This oil absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily feeling on my skin. I can wear it day or night. Rosehip seed oil is full of essential fatty acids. Look for only cold-pressed, organic rosehip seed oil. It’s a great oil to help with fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Frankincense has been used for a very long time for healthy skin.

Myrrh has also been used since biblical times, it’s also a good oil for healthy skin.

Rose, Geranium, and Helichrysum- these are great for skin that is aging.

Aroma life oil is yet another blend of essential oils. Cypress, Marjoram, Helichrysum, and Ylang Ylang are all great oils to help prevent the signs of aging. Cypress oil is a firming oil, and Ylang Ylang is great to use your skin.