Ever wanted an Anti-aging moisturizer that works and makes your skin shine?

DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer

DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer

Want an Anti-aging moisturizer that is also a vegan moisturizer? then search no more, make this DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer

What is a moisturizer and why to use moisturizer

Your skin needs water and oil to stay healthy and clear.
Dry skin typically happens in the situations, when your skin lacks water or oil. Dry skin normally feels tight, dry, uncomfortable and maybe starts to produce fine visible lines on your skin.
Especially if you are living in cold-winter areas, you might struggle with dry skin during winter time as well.

Sometimes it can be difficult and hard to find the right moisturizer for your skin. Maybe some of your favorite moisturizers feel “heavy” on your face or simply just feels “wrong” somehow. You know the feeling when something feels just right, don’t you? This is the feeling you should have with your moisturizer (and everything else in your skin care regime).

Benefits of the DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer
Don’t try any more moisturizers, before trying this simple and cheap homemade DIY Anti-aging skin forming moisturizer.
Before starting to make this amazing DIY Anti-aging skin firm moisturizer, you should know some of the benefits:

  • 1. Provide Anti-aging properties.
  • 2. Moisturize, soften and tighten your skin in a natural way.
  • 3. Promote collagen synthesis and collagen restoration.
  • 4. Protects against environmental factors.
  • 5. Provide anti-inflammatory properties
  • 6. Vegan – No Animal related products used
Keep reading to learn what makes this moisturizer so beneficial for your skin, and how to make your self.

Tighten and moisturize your skin naturally

Some commercial anti-aging skin care oils and creams may initially improve the look of your skin. In many of these products unnatural chemicals are used and can have a range of nasty side effects. Side effects like hormone disruption and even cancer. (1)

Luckily, many naturals, plant-based ingredients that have the same benefits as the unnatural chemicals. The naturals plant-based ingredients offer also skin-tightening and anti-aging effects as the commercial creams. Furthermore, natural plant-based ingredients do not fill your skin with toxins.

Natural plant-based ingredients that you’ll find in this DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer

Ingredients to make DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer

Shea butter

DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer Shea Butter
Shea butter is a creamy and fatty substance hailing from the nuts of the Shea tree, located in West African. Not only is Shea butter great for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, but it is also excellent for soothing, firming and tightening the appearance of the skin on your face.

Several studies show that Shea butter can aid in boosting the production of collagen. (2), (3).

Collagen is the foundation of your skin. The production of collagen is essential when it comes to tightening the appearance of your skin.
After your 30s, the production of collagen starts to decrease and the tightening and firmness start to decrease as well.
The decrease of Collagen production also causes the beginning of small lines in your face, chest etc.

In addition, Shea butter has also been shown to be effective at preventing water loss in the skin. Actually, Shae butter holds water better than mineral oil. This is very important since moisturized skin maintains a more supple look and is less prone to cracking due to dryness. (4)

Aloe vera

The spiny leaves of the Aloe vera plant have been considered as a miracle treatment for centuries to treat various skin disorders.
Besides the healing benefits of Aloe, it’s also known to be excellent at maintaining the appearance of your youthful complexion.
Aloe vera is knоwn tо contain a lot of Vitamin A, Vitаmin C, аnd Vitаmin E.
Besides that, Aloe vera is knоwn tо hаvе four B Vitamins in riсh соnсеntrаtiоns. These B vitamins are B1, B2, B6, and B12. Vitamins. These vitamins are the mоѕt ѕignifiсаnt nutrients fоr hеаlthу ѕkin.

Studies also show that Aloe vera plant contains an abundance of helpful, protecting antioxidants. (5)
From an anti-aging perspective, aloe vera seems to be the superfood of plants. Aloe is known for helping to tighten the appearance skin and even keep your skin strong and supported. (6)

Rosehip oil

DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer Rosehip oil
Rosehip oil comes from rosehips, the fruit that is left behind after a rose has dropped its petals and bloomed.
Unlike normal rose oil that is obtained from petals, rosehip oil is produced from the pressed fruit and seeds of the rose plant.

Many studies show that rosehip oil is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Rosehip oil contains potent antioxidants that help prevent fine lines and appearance of wrinkles and aging. One particular study showed statistically significant improvements in the appearance of crow’s feet lines and wrinkles and skin moisture. This study was completed in just eight weeks of applying topical rosehip oil to the participants. (7)

Furthermore, Rosehip oil has long-term beneficial effects that help protect your skin from sagging and aging.
Several studies show that Rosehip oil protects against environmental factors like sun exposure. Protection against sun exposure is important when it comes to maintaining youthful skin because it can result in wrinkles and other aging signs. (8)

Rosehip oil has been shown to promote collagen synthesis and restoration as well. This is perfect if you also suffer from redness, breakouts, acne, and sensitivity. (9)

DIY moisturizer, create the vegan moisturizer

DIY Anti-aging vegan moisturizer how to create
OKAY, Are you ready to take your moisturizer to the next level? Follow these simple steps below to create the moisturizer that will make your skin shine.
We prefer to use only Organic raw materials for this vegan moisturizer. Often Organic, unrefined, cold-pressed and high-quality materials can be found on sale with huge discounts as well. The quality of organic, unrefined oils is much higher than non-organic and refined oils.


Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes


Double boiler or a glass bowl and a pot
Small glass jar with lid


1/3 cup of pure Organic Shea butter
4 teaspoon fresh Organic Aloe vera gel
2 teaspoon Organic Rosehip oil


Melt the Shea butter in the double boiler. Or alternatively warm water in a pot and place the glass bowl with Shea butter. Set aside in the refrigerator to let cool for about 30-40 min.
Harvest some fresh Aloe vera gel by slicing a leaf and gently scooping out the clear gel from inside with a spoon. Alternative use high quality minimum 95% Aloe vera gel.
Add the rosehip oil and Aloe vera gel to the Shea butter and whisk until thoroughly combined.
If the mixture is soft, then let it cool for another 15 min.
Finally, Pour the mixture into a glass jar with lid.
For best result, wait until the shea butter has hardened before using the mixture as a moisturizer.

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