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About us

Welcome to Happy In Life.

My name is Frank and I live in Denmark, the country of “hygge” 🙂 and my interest in skincare and beauty started about 10 years ago.
My wife Bente started to complain about the high prices of certain brand products. My wife just loves skin care products, hair products and everything that can make her look younger.
So I started to do research and began to create different kinds of skin and hair products – and she actually liked them. (by the way, she is still using them)

I aim to write and compose in-depth articles about health, beauty, product reviews, and about other subjects that come to my mind.
My goal is to provide you with knowledge about skin care, beauty, health and other subjects that might interest you.

If you need to know something about beauty, hair care or skin care products, then let me know. I might write an article about your question.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Regards Frank

Wish you a happy life